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As a former song writer/musician (amongst many other things), CJ Jameel has found a way to use his artistic talent to become a spokesperson for humanitarian crises happening across the globe.

Harmonising his life experiences along with his creative mind produced a sonic repertoire rich with themes for any audience.


CJ's Story

Get a quick insight into his life

Losing his father to suicide, surviving a young life of crime, on top of battling major depressive disorder, CJ Jameel, by God's grace, managed to give his life a complete turnaround and lead humanitarian campaigns in different regions across the globe.

Being born into a religious family, CJ Jameel's life had a backdrop of morality and God consciousness that would eventually guide his life into later years.



"With sincere intention, always comes great rewards" - Naeem Brisco

CJ has been heavily involved in altruistic works such as aiding refugees in Lesbos, supporting victims of the Grenfell fire, and leading his own project with friends called The Africa Project. CJ does most of his work with friend and fellow humanitarian Naeem Brisco, a man with years of charitable work and on ground experience. Find out more about CJ and his team.


Life Coach

Transforming lives for the better

Through life coaching, CJ offers the participant the opportunity to examine the underlying assumptions, or paradigms, that shape and define their life. Conducted in an experiential way, his coaching provides an atmosphere in which people move beyond their limitations, taking decisive actions consistent with the focus and commitments they choose. Understand more on the coaching CJ offers.


"People have become educated but have not become human"

Abdul Sattar Edhi